Shadow Knitting - Vivian Hoxbro

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Do you believe in magic? If you don't, shadow knitting will win you over. This form of knitting uses a simple technique of alternating rows of dark and light yarn to produce a subtle patterning that appears and disappears depending on the angle from which it's viewed. The mysteries of this clever technique are explored and refined here by professional knitwear designer and author Vivian Hoxbro. As she did in Domino Knitting, Vivian introduces the basic principles and techniques through clear, well-illustrated instructions followed by a spectacular range of projects that include winged shawls, squared bags, a matching cap and scarf, vests, sweaters, Japanese-style kimonos, and much more! Each project is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs. For your next knitted project, let your knitting needles be your wand and perform an optical illusion that will leave everyone wondering how you did it.