Perfectly Plus - House of White Birches

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The step-by-step process begins with a review of gauge, getting accurate measurements, choosing the right size and personalizing it for the perfect fit. Before you know it, you'll be knitting with the assurance that the item you are making will fit you beautifully. Each of the successful garments you complete will help build your wardrobe as well as your confidence. From basic shells and cardigans to the easiest lace and texture designs, the projects will add to your experience as you learn more about what silhouettes are best for your shape. Garments which are too loose or too clingy can make you appear shapeless or larger than reality. The eight projects, designed by top knit designers, are the based on the Make It Fit system. Using the guidelines you will soon be happily knitting garments which truly fit you well. You will be the confident, stylish, creative woman who says, "Why, thank you; yes, I made this myself!"