Little Luxury Knits - Alison Crowther-Smith

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Kidsilk Haze and Aura are two of Rowan's most popular yarns - silky, soft and luxurious. Knitters have been pleading for more designs to knit with and now, with these, Alison Crowther-Smith has created a superb collection of accessories, occasionally with the addition of other Rowan classics. Because knitters love trying out new ideas and new techniques, Alison has included lots of tips to show exactly how to deal with any of the potentially challenging elements, from turning the heel on a luxury bedsock to knitting on four needles, for those new to the skill. With some great lace projects, delicate little edgings for existing jumpers, marvellously soft and feminine scarves and shawls and even cushions and home decorations, this book of little knits is just what every knitter has been craving.