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  The Knitting in Film and Television Awards  
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Knitting in Film and Television Awards (KNIFTAs)

Inspired by an episode of US television series 30 Rock, and the shameful use of crochet passed off as knitting, we have launched our very own awards for knitting, crochet and needlecraft in film and television. You can read our original blogpost here, which has now developed into the first poll of it's kind. The winners were announced on February 22nd 2009 at a special party in London..... you can see pictures from the ceremony here.

The KNIFTAs are a light-hearted look at how knitting and crochet are represented in mainstream cinema and television, and how yarncraft is perceived, perpetuated and promoted through the media. Our first awards cover five categories (below).

Winners of the 2009 KNIFTAs are highlighted below. You can now sen din your own sugestions for the winners for the KNIFTAs 2010...

As well as announcing the winners of this year's awards we also screened a selection of short films, music videos and animation from award-winning directors all with a yarny theme. These included Max Alexander's knitimation I Am Ahab?, Annie Watson's Knitting a Love Song, Laura Neuvonen's The Last Knit and a special preview of new animated film Coraline, featuring amazing miniature handknits by Althea Crome. We would like to thanks all of the artists, directors and producers who gave permission to show their work.

This year's winners are:

Funniest knitting/crochet scene

Jack McBrayer in 30 Rock (pictured)

WINNER: Jane Wood for Holby City

Laka for The Eurovision Song Contest

Pushing Daisies knitting

Best knitting/crochet scene

Ayu Kitaura for Wool 100%

WINNER: Chi Mcbride for Pushing Daisies (pictured)

Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose

Golden Compass knitwear

Best knitwear

WINNER: Ruth Myers for The Golden Compass (pictured)

April Ferry for The Edge of Love

Katherine Jane Bryant for Mad Men


Best advertisement

McCann Erickson for Shreddies (pictured)

WINNER: McCann Erickson for Staples

Dave Day and Larry Seftel for BBC DAB Radio

Outstanding Contribution to Knitting in Film and Television

The winner of the world's first Outstanding Contribution to Knitting in Film and Television is no stranger to awards (we hope he puts his KNIFTA next to his Oscar)...he has created some of the best-loved characters and films of the past 15 years, with a knitty thread and quintessential Englishness running through his work...Nick Park.