Gin Club @ IKL

Posted by Gerard Allt on 29th May 2016

Last Friday's Gin Club was another great night at IKL. Gin is one of my favourite things so this is a no-brainer for me, really!

It's was a smaller and cosier affair than the first Gin Club, last month, probably due to the Bank Holiday weekend, but in contrast we had more gins to try! 10 different gins were available, including Brockman's, Silent Pool, Bloom, Gin Mare and Williams chase.

They were all fantastic. I didn't try them all, sadly -not even I could drink 10 (different) gins in one night. I think my favourite was Brockman's which I crammed with grapefruit and squished blueberries and the heroines of the Gin Mare was great, but the subtly of the Bloom and the strong gin flavour of the ... oh, maybe all of them were my favourite.

Needless to say the gin never stays too long in my glass. You'll forgive me for placing the canapé atop my glass, hopefully. It was simply for the photo opportunity. 

Our very own Rodney, regular to IKL knitting nights, provided especially prepared canapés for us. The food was fantastic and I obviously made a pig out of myself.

There was four or five different canapés which were included in the price - £20 for 3 gins and food.

Rodney put a lot of time and thought into the food and it showed. The goats cheese and fig was a great accompaniment to a nice gina and tonic.

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