Baby Nouveau: Stylish blankets for baby - Amy Poleyn

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When it comes to most baby blanket books, you typically see traditional designs featured in a range of soft pastel "baby" colors. Baby Nouveau offers a little diversion from the usual with the use of uncommon bold jewel tones, neutral and bold colors for today's fashion-forward moms. Knitters will also have the special opportunity to learn some new skills along the way such as brioche knitting, lace, modular and color-blocking techniques. 10 designs included. Beginners and intermediate knitters will find this book to be useful because this book offers the opportunity to develop new skills, and it also offers simple, easy-to-knit blankets for the new arrival. Baby Nouveau will also appeal to knitters and new moms who prefer a more upscale approach to baby items instead of always relying on the cutesy baby pastel range of colors.